July 11, 2008

It brought me to stitches...

Woo-Hoo! The day finally came for the removal of the 2 screws and 3 nails that were generously deposited in my leg during the first surgery after the accident. So, the day before I get a phone call from the hospital. They ask me if I would like to be put under with gas or just receive local anestesia. I thought "Kewl", I can watch the surgery, how hard can it be - deaden the leg, they pull a couple of screws and nail - Maybe I can practice my Spanish with the doctor!

The definition of "local" needed to be clarified. I get into the surgery room and they give a local starting in my back! For me a "local" would be as much as my right leg. For them, they consider a local being an epidural. So here I lay on the table, semi-gassed like a slug. Of course they decided to shoot me up 4 hours for a 1 hour surgery. I returned to the room - wide awake - unable to move. Boy did that feel funky.

But here's the kicker. They told me that I received 2 screws and 3 nails. The healing to date had been fantastic, as a result the removal process took longer than expected. I had asked for the screws and nails before the surgery. They gave me a small envelope with the inventory of only 1 nail, 1.5 screws and a washer. While I am not sure what that means, I figure it should be very interesting the next time I go through airport security.

I have ten more days with 6 stitches, several more weeks of therapy. Let the healing begin. Maybe in a couple of months I won't have as much of a "kankle". That is when your ankle is as big as your knee.


Rich Magee said...

Mike - I had dinner last night with Dave Welch and his family, Carla and Marvin Hardy and their family, and Ray Spencer and his family. We had some good chuckles talking about the days gone by at Bristol, and of course had some fun remembering you! However, we didn't really discuss any swollen ankles -- I sure hope that your recovery goes as smoothly as the hardware store (I mean, hospital) will allow!

Jan said...

Nice to see progress. You are often in my thoughts and prayers.